Saturday, August 14, 2010


Something interesting I bet you didn't know about me. When I was 4ish I fell off of a slide and dislocated my left hip. The quack doctor at the time didn't know my hip was dislocated. Apprently a hip injury causes pain to show up below your knee. He thought something was wrong with my knee and put a cast on my left leg. I walked around with that cast on my leg, pulling that ball out of the socket even more for about 6 weeks or so. At some point after the cast came off a family member noticed that my left leg was longer than my right. Went back to a different doctor and this doctor said that my ball was out of the socket and that blood had been cut off to the area all that time. So they did some sort of surgery and I was put in a body cast to immobolize both hips for some time. There is a picture of that somewhere that I'm gonna try to find and post. I mean, I laid flat on my back for some time...I have no idea...I don't remember ANY of this! But....apparently they told my parents that they didn't know if my leg would ever grow normally, or would be a normal size, or that I would ever walk again on it. I was in and out of several reconstructive surgeries. At some point I got fixed I suppose. Ok, fast forward...several years ago I went to an orthopedic doc for a hurt shoulder. He was more interested in talking about my hip. He talked about the trauma to it and blah, blah, blah. Well, fast forward again. I was going to see a sports medicine doctor on Friday about my hamstring. I thought he might want to see the x-rays the other doc took several years ago of my hip. So I went over and picked up a copy. Here they are. You may think this is all boring...I think it is pretty neat. Looking at my pelvis (hahahahaha, sorry, that cracks me up) you'll notice that the right hip (the left side of the picture) is a nice round ball. You'll notice that the left hip (the right side of picture) is shaped more of like a mushroom. Yeah, well, see, a mushroom is NOT gonna fit into that round socket for very long. Eventually, from what I am told, that cartilage is gonna rub thin on the outside edges. So, none of the doctors have told me I can't run..or that I should stop running. BUT, both doctors have talked to me about the eventual need for a hip replacement...or the new doc talked to me about something new that is just a ball replacement. BOTH docs said that by the time I need something there is NO telling what advances may be made in this field though. I've pretty much told the docs that that hip is about the ONLY place I haven't felt an ache or pain since I've started running. My philosophy is I'll run until it hurts and then when I can't walk or run anymore I'll talk to them about getting me something new!

My left hip is on the right side of picture and my right hip is on the left side of the picture.

My left hip. Looks like that mushroom is fitting in that round hole pretty good if ya ask me!

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