Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just like his mommy!

This is the second phone Cambo has taken apart just to see how it

Sunday, May 9, 2010

10.0 Miles

Did a 10 miler this morning with the girls! Getting out of bed early is hard, but I love running and watching the sun come up. I won't say it was an easy run because I was ready to give up about mile 5 or so, but I always feel great when I finish. Besides, I can't the girls run without me. I might miss out on something!!! Sitting here waiting on the rest of the house to wake up......

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Alligator Alley

Two boys in tow!

Chris is still out of town and I wanted to go see the girls this morning at the Sole2Soul Sisters group run. Sooo I asked if the boys wanted to get up and go to the track with me. They were so excited! The slept in their clothes and they woke straight up at 5:30. We took their bikes up there and they were great!! This pic was at about 6:00am. We just finished breakfast at The Waffle House and now gotta go get ready for a 11:00 soccer game. I'm just a little worried that this early morning may catch up with us a little later in the day.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Aaaaaahhhh, Home Sweet Home!!!

Dauphin Island!!

Saturday, 12:09 pm

Well, I did what I came here to do!!!! Oh yeah!!!! Ran EVERY leg, EVERY mile!!!! So excited!!!! My totals:
1st leg-3.6 miles in 34:40 for an average pace of 10:14
2nd leg-3.4 miles in 36:09 for an average pace of 10:37
3rd leg-3.6 miles in 37:43 for an average pace of 10:28
4th leg-3.6 miles in 38:50 for an average pace of 10:47
5th leg-2.6 miles in 26:33 for an average pace of 10:12 (all of our legs were shorter the last leg)
Totals: 16.8 miles in 2 hours, 53 mins, 55 seconds for an average pace of 10:27!!!!

Whoop, Whoop!!!!!! So excited!!!! Sooooooooo excited!

That was the easy part....YOU ALL did the hard part!! Thank you so much for contributing to The American Cancer Society Run for the Reason!!!! Thank you!!!!

Saturday, 11:04am

I am up next!! Should start running my last leg in about 12mins or
so. 2.6 miles this time!!! Looks like we will hit the island around

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Saturday, 9:19am

Just left hotel headed out for our fifth and last run. This will be a
little shorter at 2.8 miles. We are on track to be on the Island
somewhere between 1:00-2:00 (thinking it will be closer to 1-1:30).
This is probably been the smoothest relay I have done and it has been
great fun.....BUT I am looking forward to getting home!

Saturday, 5:00am

At La Quinta Inn in Satsuma. So close to home but yet soooo far
away. Gotta be back down at the RV at 9:00. That doesn't leave much
time for sleeping. Speaking of which, gonna close my eyes now. Nite,
ummm, or mornin' whichever the case may be.....

Saturday 2:40 am

I DID IT!!!! I was soo worried about that run because I have been so sore....but it was a relatively easy run. For one thing, I didn't have to deal with the heat and humidity. Secondly, and most important, was I had someone to talk to. I know, crazy!!! I have figured out the secret to running....doing it with someone. Carey and Delacio sat on the back of the lead vehicle and talked to me the whole run. David (the lead vehicle driver) did a great job of keeping them close enough to me so that we could talk. I didn't have time to think about how sore I was or how much farther I had to run. I just talked...and ran. Sure, I probably could have run a little faster if I didn't talk so much. But I would rather have a fun slow run than a fast miserable run. I ran 3.6 in 38:50. I've gotten a little slower each run, but you have to remember that this was my 4th run in 2 days and I'm going on very little sleep. But feeling good. Right now I am on that runners high. Been hydrating really well and keeping food in my stomach. I have figured out that I have to eat well to run well and feel good afterwards (no headache crash afterwards).

One more thing....At about 1/2 mile to go, Nicole shouted out to me..."just one more time around the track". It was just the boost that I needed to finish my run up (I had been looking at the hill that I was gonna have to run up my last stretch) and the reason is because I thought about all my Sole2Soul sisters that I run around the track with in Daphne. They should be getting out there in a couple of hours to do the Couch 2 5k group run. So I was thinking about you girls as I ran that last 1/2 mile. Was picturing us out on the high school track running that last lap together........

Saturday, 12:44am

Brandon is running so I'm up next. I'll probably be up around 1:15am
or so. Gotta go get ready.