Monday, January 3, 2011

Herbal Cleanse - Day 1

It's a new year and time to start it off right. As most of you know I COMPLETELY took off the month of December. I usually try to take care of myself by eating reasonably healthy and exercising on a regular basis. NOT IN DECEMBER! I ate WHATEVER I wanted WHENEVER I wanted and only ran whenever I REALLY felt like it. It was a fun month. I also was working on another experiment. I stopped taking my Advocare products. It happened purely by chance at first..I missed a couple of days of products at Thanksgiving. So then I thought "Well, let's just see what happens". Well let me just tell ya...I started noticing a BIG difference in how I felt...and by Christmas holidays I was just really feeling yucky! is a new a new year...and I'm gonna get back on track!

This morning as soon as my feet hit the floor I took my Catalyst. After I took a shower and dried my hour I drank my fiber drink. I like to use orange juice for my drink. I didn't get a picture of the drink when I made it so I just took this one later. As soon as you mix it up you drink it and I wasn't about to stop and take a picture. So after putting on makeup and fixing hair, I mixed me up a Meal Replacement Shake to drink for breakfast while driving to work.

And this is lunch. Ok, it doesn't look glamorous or anything, but remember, when it comes to food I'm not exactly creative. Tuna and vegetables! But a perfect lunch to start scrubbing out my insides of all that YUCK I've been eating! And there is something that I am always reminded of during this 10 day cleanse. I learn that food is for nourishment. It exists to give my body the nourishement it needs to fuel the activity that I do. I SHOULD NOT rely on food to make me feel 'happy'. I should eat only when I'm hungry and NOT when there is some emotional need I am trying to fill!!

I have to say I don't really feel all that great right now. I mean, FIRST, my body is in complete shock. It's missing SUGAR and CARBS! I can't really blame it for not feeling real great. BUT..this is the process that has to happen and I really did this to myself (by eating all that junk) and SECOND, I have been off of work for almost 2 weeks and haven't gotten up before 7:00am during that time. This morning my alarm started going off at 4:45AM. So body is hating me right now. BUT...I remember how GREAT I will feel in a couple of days and ESPECIALLY when I start MNS Max3 on day 11.

Ok, gonna go mix up some SPARK to help with making it through the afternoon slump. Stay tuned.....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

So, in thinking about my new year commitments, this is what I have come up with:
1) always start my day by reading Gods word and worshiping HIM
2) become more focused on my family and become disconnected (no phone,
computer) when I am with them
3) journal more, either on my blog or in my diary
4) work on getting closer to being debt free
5) be a healthier me

Are these realistic? I think so!

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