Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Fever Chase 10k

Sooo....the web has my official results as 1:09:14. The clock read 1:08:35 when I ran across the finish line. And Katrina thinks we ran the race in around 1:07ish. There were sooo many people there it took us a minute or so of walking to get to the start line and begin running. WHATEVER my results may be...I am SOOO proud of myself. My only goal was to run the entire way. Before today the fartherest I had ran was 4ish miles so I had no idea on what I was gonna be able to do today. It was sooooo much fun though. It was a killer course. Several hills in there which really hurt!!! AND we had to finish UP a hill!!! Who does that to ya??? Anywho, it was TONS of fun. I just love my running buddies. They are the greatest girls in the world!!!!! Oh, we have started a new siganture look with the pigtails. I'm sure it is to be the next coolest trend!!!!!

This is some random girl in yellow dress, Katrina, Laura, and myself!!!

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  1. Hey Sugar I had no idea you have this site! Thanks for turning me on to it; very interesting! I also did not realize you were doing so much running and enjoying it so. You go girl! Love----Pop