Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's catch up.... 3.01 miles's been a busy and crazy week. The only thing I can figure is the time change messed me up much more than I expected. Let's see....the last time I checked in here I was writing about the McGuire's run. Well, I have only ran once since then. I ran...Monday night I think. It was 3.01 miles. We had Tanyr come and join us and had a great time!!! I was feeling a little on the crazy side for some reason. We didn't run the whole way...more of a walk/run program. I hope Tanyr comes back and runs with us some more!!!! Baseball prevented me from running last night, but we won so it was well worth it!!! GO BRAVES!!!! Tomorrow is a BIG day for me. I am running (or maybe walking) in the Spring Fever Chase 10 in Fairhope. The most I have ran to date has been about 4.5 miles so I am a little nervous. I'm not gonna stress out too much tomorrow though. My real goal is to get ready for the Azalea Trail Run in Mobile NEXT weekend. I have ALWAYS wanted to run that race...ever since I moved to Mobile. Hopefully I'll get to do that next weekend!!!!! YAY!!!!

On another note: The girls and I (Laura and Katrina) have an exciting new project going on. We got the blessing from Bro. Paul yesterday to start a new outreach program through the church. The Ladies Couch to 5k (ok, so we are still working on coming up with a catchy title) will hold their first meeting Sunday April 11th at 2:00pm. This program will get you off that couch and running a 5k in 9weeks!!! We are soooo excited to be helping ladies in the church and community live a healthy lifestyle and hopefully develop a love of running!!!! Anywho...more news to follow so stay tuned!!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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