Thursday, April 1, 2010


Wow!!! Ya know I've been busy when I don't even take the time to update my blog. Well, let's see....last time you heard from me I was talking about the Spring Fever Chase 10k. Well, I ran the next Monday night with my girls....and that is ALL the running I did that week leading up to the Azalea Trail Run. I have always wanted to run the ATR and finally got a chance to this year. Ummm....for some reason I bombed on it though. I felt really bad the whole race and never really found my groove. I ran the whole time..but it was NOT fun!!!! I finished in 1:05:33. Sure, that beat my time from the previous Spring Fever Chase...and sure the course was much more flat, but for some reason it just wasn't a good day for me to run.

Anywho....since that run we (being my running girls and myself) have decided to get a little more seriuos about our training. We are running harder, faster, and gonna set some goals for ourself.

On another note.....we (again, my running girls and myself) are about to kick off our Couch25K program in Daphne. We are so excited to be introducing the world of running to other ladies in the community. Come out and join us if you can. Sunday, April 11th, 2:00 pm at the Daphne High School Track!!!!

Well, as I mentioned....I am BUUUUSY!!! Gotta get back to work!!! Later!!!! Oh, one more thing, we (again, the running girls) have dubbed ourselves


Me, Laura, and Katrina. We sported the usual pigtails and in honor of it being The Azalea Trail Run we added the flowers.

The girls (plus Terry) before the run.

The girls (plus a few others) after the run.

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