Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, 2:43pm

So, we have been running through the back woods of Pine Hill AL and am just now getting a signal to text or blog or anything.

I am SO glad that is over with!! That is the toughest run of the trip. It was very muggy and humid out. I sweated so much! I kept having to wipe it out of my eyes. And my legs are sore. My hamstring, especially my right one, is hurting. I don't think it is anything real bad, but it is more than just an ache. I am just trying to stretch it out real good.

Everyone on my team is doing really well. We all are keeping great attitudes which is really good considering the circumstances. Ummm.....well, I don't have any more thoughts right now so I'm gonna go watch someone run some.

Oh, I will upload some pics I've been taking with my phone.

So far I have ran 7.6 miles. We hand off the baton to Team C at 5:00pm at Hwy 43 just before Thomasville. Then we will go eat and get some rest at the North Park Inn in Thomasville. We get the baton again at 12:46 am at on Hwy 43 just north of McIntosh.

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