Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday = 2.94

I tried something new tonight.....interval training. I planned on running 2 minutes at a faster than normal pace...then recover for 30 seconds, and just keep doing that. Let me just tell was MISERABLE. I guess I had just gotten comfortable with running an easy 3 miles. This pushed me. I was running harder than normal for those 2 minutes. 2 minutes doesn't sound like very long...but go out and run as hard as you can and see how long you can last. Anywho....think we completed 11 sets of that (well, maybe I walked one of those 2 minutes that I was suppose to be running). Our total numbers were 2.94 miles in exactly 30:00 minutes. Which by the way I am LOVING my Garmin 305!!!!

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  1. You don't have to do intervals to get this point in your running it's all about the miles. I didn't do any intervals last year and PR'd at every distance I raced. Intervals can be good if you've had many months of aerobic conditioning, but the downside is that it's much, much easier to injure yourself or wear yourself down to where you can't perform as well on your regular runs. Your plan doesn't have you do this more than once a week, right?