Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, 11:01 pm

At least I think it is Friday night at 11ish. Seems like morning time to me...early morning. Laid my head down for a few hours. Not sure I actually ever went to sleep, but it was nice to lay down nonetheless. Got up and met at rv at 10:30. So it doesn't seem like night...seems like morning. But this is the part of the trip where sleep deprivation kicks in. It's hard to remember what day it is. Hopefully everyone will be a little more tolerant of each other. It's hard to be nice when you are this tired. But don't get me wrong. I still think this is a great adventure for a great cause. Sometimes I wonder who might have ever dreamed this thing up. I mean, it's really crazy. I can see that confused look in peoples face when I tell them what we do. It's really hard to explain. Hopefully this blog will give you some kind of idea how it works. So we are on our way down Hwy43. We left Thomasville and I think we pick up the baton somewhere just North of McIntosh. It's nice to be so close to home. 2 more legs to run, 1 more time to rest. So part of what makes this trip so much fun is tricking out the baton before you hand it to the next team. I have to say that my team, Team C, is the master of the prank. Here are a few pics of what we've come up with so far....

Well, this is actually a baton that was given to us....peanut butter, feathers, and a can taped to the top

Yes, Jeff is crazy!!!! Kevin brought a squirrel skin. That IS the actual just resembles a dead animal.

And of course our latest antic......costumes!!!! We had DJ Lance Rock, a bull, and a rodeo clown....

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