Saturday, March 6, 2010

I survived!!!

I survived!!! Well, that is about the only thing I can say to sum up my 5k this morning. The SEEDS 5k started at 8am. I was NERVOUS!!!! It was a great morning. Got up in time. Tried to eat and drink some water to prepare. Laura and Grady picked me up and we were at the race in plenty of time. It was FREEZING!!!! Anywho.....I felt good before the race. The race got started and off we went. I was stiff. I don't like running in the morning. I'm just so stiff or something. The first mile or so I felt like my muscles were just getting loosened up. And then about that time came incline #1 (I won't call it a hill becuase I'm sure some of you running folks would laugh at this thing). That wasn't too terrible. We pushed up it. I was getting a little winded and then came incline #2....and it HURT!!! Funny thing.....I survived both mini-hills.....but we rounded the corner and I could see the finish line about 1/4 of a mile away....and I died!!!! It's all mental I think. I saw the finish line and instead of getting pumped like I thought I would....I just DIED!!!! If it hadn't been for Laura pulling me along I would have walked right then and there. I was struggling. BUT...we pushed through it and finished 3.1 miles in 32.17. Some of you out there probably think that is pretty's the fastest 5k I've ran so far and the ONLY 5k I've ran the entire time (with no walking breaks). I'm just now recovering (it's 5:00 in the afternoon). It drained me. Well....maybe not JUST the 5k. Shortly after I finished the 5k the whole family ran in the 1mile fun run. Both boys did GREAT!!!! They are gonna be natural runners. Then we had just enough time to come home, change clothes, and make it up to the ballfield just in time for pictures and exhibition game. WOW...worldwind of a morning. Me and both boys crashed for about a 2 hour nap after we got home. We were EXHAUSTED. Chris has got a boston butt on the grill and it's gonna be a GOOD EVENING at home relaxing with the family!!!!!

Laura and I before the race.....

The family getting ready to run the 1 mile fun run.....

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  1. No matter how fit you get, a 5K *should* hurt, especially in that last stretch. You did awesome!!! Way to go running the whole time too :)